IoT based Contactless Distance Measurement for Multipurpose Application


  • G Sai Karthik Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering CVR College of Engineering Hyderabad, India. Author
  • Amit Arora Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, CVR College of Engineering, Hyderabad, India Author


In this paper, estimate the gap without any physical connection is established by low cost embedded device. This kit is convenient for assisting vehicle  parking, estimating the level of overhead tank, water/petrol sump, robotic  navigation and level of garbage on dustbin etc. We can also use this kit on the blind person stick for assisting the smooth route. In the proposed system, a  sensor is installed on top of the bin that will identify the level of garbage inside  in it. When the garbage will reach the threshold level, a notification is to  administrator, display in the LCD as well as update in the website. The  proposed system will help in cleaning in a better way with less human  resources. By using of proposed system, no need to check the bins manually, 
automatically system sends a message when the garbage in the bin at threshold  level. By using this system can save fuel, time, and human power. In this  project the main components are AC-to-DC adapter, regulated power supply,  ultrasonic sensor, Arduino Uno, LCD display and Wi-Fi module. The Internet   of things (IoT) technology exchange data with other devices and sensors over 
the internet through a unique identification number. The programming of  proposed kit such a way that it displays the distance/level on LCD display and  also set the threshold level at which buzzer will produce a sound. All this  electronics components are low cost, light weight, reliable, durable and  capable to work in extreme temperature and pressure condition.