Design and Implementation of 200 G Passive Optical Network


  • Abdul Mounim MM Karabuk University Karabuk, Turkey Author
  • Alhamadani N Mohammed Altinbas University, Istanbul, Turkey Author


New age uninvolved optical organization targets giving in excess of 100 Gb/s  capacity. Because of late advancement empowering an assortment of optical handsets up to 40 Gb/s, numerous development prospects to 200 G PONs  (passive optical network) could be researched. This work proposes two straightforwardly deployable instances of development to 200 G PON  dependent on the mix of these improved optical handsets and WDM  (wavelength division multiplexing). The actual layer of the optical  communication has been reenacted with OptiSystem software to show the  correspondence joins exhibitions conduct when considering key segments 
boundaries to accomplish a great communication plan for a given territory. 
The unpredictability of the proposed structures and monetary cost  examinations are moreover examined. Furthermore, it has been studying the  effects of changing bandwidth on the selected channels with respect to the Min  Bit Error Rate (BER) parameter.