Design and Implementation of Chirp Fiber Bragg Grating for Long Haul Transmission System using Opti-system


  • N Basil Al-esraa University College, Baghdad, Iraq Author
  • M Moutaz Department of Computer Engineering Techniques, Electrical Engineering Technical College, Baghdad, Iraq Author


In this work, a novel scattering pay model has been introduced with tweeted fiber Bragg grinding (CFBG) for long stretch transmission framework. The proposed model has been intended for 20 Gbps non-re-visitation of zero (NRZ) transmission framework more than 210 km long single-mode fiber (SMF). The proposed model is applied to Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) too. Execution of the model is advanced through straight tweeted CFBG having 90 mm short grinding length and it assumes a critical function as a module of scattering pay. The proposed model upgrade/improves the presentation regarding bit mistake rate (BER) and quality factor is ≥18 at the beneficiary finish of frameworks. Further, it has additionally been contrasted and existing detailed work based on quality factor, BER, and eye-outlines. The recreations of the proposed model have been helped through Opti-System 7.